Tips To Choose The Colors Of The Elements Of Your Room That Best Suit Your Personality And That Of Your Family.

Planning the color palette you want for your home is very important, and although it sounds like a complicated task, it’s easier than you think! Do not be overwhelmed; you have to consider the combined effect along with a couple of basic knowledge to develop your ideas. Do not be afraid to make a mistake: the only thing that can happen is that you have to repaint a couple of walls!

Decoration Ideas To Choose Colors And Combinations

The combination of colors can become a game, the only thing that you must decide is the ones that you want thinking about

the sensations that you would like to transmit and in the activities that will be carried out in the room.

Keep in mind that some combinations can energize you, perfect for the office or entertainment areas, while others can relax,

perfect for the bedroom or bathroom. Now you have to worry about the primary function of the room you want to change and color it to your liking!

Colors And Personality Of Your Home

The decoration of the walls and the colors of the same, the floor or the textiles can seem an adventure in which only the experts could go inside, but it is much simpler than you think! So take a chance, say good morning to the world of color combinations and get ready for a twist of color in your rooms. Try decorating your walls with  IKEA vinyl.

Sometimes it is tough to discuss which colors combine best because personal taste has a significant role and is also subjective. You must take into account what effect the colors create when connected and what impact they have as a whole. Do you want a relaxing bath? Opt for blues and whites! Better a study area in which to let your creativity fly? Then better the yellows and the oranges!

If you’re not sure of your ability to match colors, You can start with a small project: change for example the textiles of one of your rooms (curtains, cushions, and covers) without changing the color of the walls and the floor. This will naturally give you a new style. Surely you will enjoy this first contact!

How To Combine Color Palettes

There are many color combinations, and the ideal is that you choose the one you like the most and the one you feel most comfortable with. So that the task of selecting the color is easy, we give you some decorating ideas and the description of the different color palettes so that it is straightforward to choose:

– Monochromatic color palette: consists of using different shades of the same color, using the lightest shade on the most abundant surface. It is a safe bet to achieve a serene atmosphere (ideal for bedrooms ) and convey a sense of unity.

– Complementary and analogous color palette: the corresponding ones are the opposite colors on the color wheel and are responsible for creating a striking effect (perfect for the kitchen or the playroom). Analogs are close colors on the color wheel and to create a harmonious impact (ideal for the library or the bedroom). Neutral colors: colors that contain a high proportion of white or black and are perfect for use as a background. You can add more striking details and highlight the textures of natural materials, such as wood, to give them more life. Achromatic colors: combinations of white, black and gray. As they can be a bit austere, we recommend adding chromatic details that make them live.